A Tour to Pushe Factory

We appeared on the map 23 years ago, but it feels like yesterday...

We begin to monitor the quality from the moment we receive the materials

The work goes off without a hitch

Observing kilometers of fabrics

Quality and ergonomic standards start with a drawing and then are tested in the technical center

An accurate calculation in everything

Evolution of professional skills

Automation as a premonition

Only the best for the frame

Responsible for the sizes

We experiment and create

More than 10 sofa covers in 30 minutes

Over 1000 color and design options in our collection

Leading suppliers of fabrics and threads

High-quality furniture is created manually

You will recognize our furniture from thousands of others

Modern and smart CNC equipment

The latest global trends in design

A close-knit team of professionals

Precision provided by automated systems

The loft is coming

Staff sniper

The journey of a sofa to you starts from here

We are on our way to you!

love our work
produce beautiful furniture
make the best sofas