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Bed «Maranello»

vendor code: PU-37982
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eco-leather / textile
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18 months
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A consistent elegant bed with a cozy enveloping with a particularly soft back, creating a pleasant sensation of intimacy and shelter.

An ideal bed for tall people. By removing the back of the back for the duration of the sleep, you can add 25 cm to the standard size of the berth and get 225 cm of length that allows people to sleep above usual with the same comfort. The design of the bed allows you to integrate into any style of modern bedrooms.

The bed is equipped with a mechanism for lifting the frame for access to the laundry storage department and is optionally equipped with two types of orthopedic gratings - «Comfort» or «Premium».

Additional characteristics:
  • The height of the bed at the mattress height of 20 cm: for frame «Comfort» – 49 cm, for frame «Premium» – 52 cm.
  • Linen box and side rails on the inside are upholstered with branded fabric.
  • Backrest: technical fabric.
  • The base consists of two panels made of MDF 10 mm, upholstered with fabric, or of open one-sided laminated MDF 10 mm, and having plunge plastic handles designed to shift the bottom during operation.
  • The floor panels of the base floor are made of MDF with a thickness of 10 mm, upholstered by fabric on the outside side, or from one-sided laminated MDF 10 mm.
  • The bed base side rails are made of 25 mm thick MDF. The softness of the tsar is achieved using a highly elastic PU with a thickness of 20 mm.
  • The side bars and the headboard are connected by massive corner ties made of a square (30 mm) metal profile.
  • Lifting mechanism: gas strut absorber, included. The mechanisms are equipped with levers made of metal with a thickness of 6 mm.
  • Legs: metallic, with plastic foot caps 5 mm high.

Pay attention! To order a bed choose the desired size of the bed and the desired type of frame under the mattress.

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