Modular sofa bed «Bruno»

vendor code: PU-24035
Bed width
Bed length
Frame material
Laminated chipboard / Wood
PU foam / Spring snake
With sleeper
16,220 AED
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Modular sofa «Bruno» is a wide range of possibilities in one model. The large selection of transformable modules simplifies the organization of even the most complex spaces. At the same time, the model retained all the key design elements: movable backrest rollers, regulating the depth and height of the pillows, suspenders and upholstery stitching, protecting the fabric from excessive stretching. The elastic seat base is formed of springs «snake», latex furniture felt and highly elastic polyurethane foam with a height of 120 mm. A layer of syntheone is laid between the PU and the lining fabric.

There are several configurations of the sofa: with bay angle; with canape and narrow armrest; four-seater corner and corner with canape. The bay window can be made in two variants: with decorative overlays in the color «wenge» and «nut», without overlays.

This sofa will take a decent place in any modern living room. Its one-piece, geometric appearance will be perfectly combined with the actual styles of the interior: skandy, loft, high-tech, contemporary.

Advantages of modular sofa «Bruno»:

  • polyurethane foam: elastic material, quickly restore shape, favorably supports the body during sleep and rest;
  • decorative stitching: protects the upholstery from too much stretching;
  • narrow armrests: add furniture refined, elegant appearance;
  • soft back cushions: creates a comfortable rest, allows you to calm down and quietly relax the whole body;
  • high-roll out mechanism: strong and reliable mechanism, easy to use, can be used for regular use;
  • comfortable seating: ideal for relaxing while watching your favorite TV series or reading a book.

Additional characteristics:

  • Bed size: 140 x 198 cm.
  • Seat height: 47 cm.
  • Size of linen box: 57.5 x 83.5 x 21 cm.
  • Natural oak veneers can be tinted in any color: «wenge» and «nut».

Pay attention! The sofa is made with the left or right angle. The photo shows the right angle. When placing an order, be sure to indicate the corner of the sofa you need.

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