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Modular sofa «Pierre» with metal legs, Clarins 900, left

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Modular sofa «Pierre» successfully combined all the key and popular features of the mid-century modern and skandi styles: low silhouette and high thin supports give the sofa slimness, create a visual effect of «floating», so it looks so graceful and easy, despite its impressive size. The surface of the seat features decorative tufting, which not only protect the fabric from excessive stretching, but also hint at the elasticity and softness of the filler.

The advantages of this model include:

  • high wooden or metal legs: simplify cleaning, including with a vacuum cleaner robot;
  • two storage boxes: enouth space for bedding, winter clothes or children's toys;
  • «tick-tock» folding mechanism: even with constant use, the mechanism is not worn for a long time, has high reliability and durability;
  • soft armrests: help to make the rest as pleasant as possible, can be used as pillows under the head;
  • comfortable seat: ideal for relaxing while watching your favorite TV series or reading a book;
  • independent spring unit: creates proper anatomical support, ensuring the most correct position of the body during sleep and rest for everyone, without the effect of a hammock;
  • design «360°»: the sofa is flawless on all sides and will become an excellent tool for zoning space.

Additional characteristics:

  • Frame material: hardwood, polished birch plywood, chipboard, LDVP, chipboard, fiberboard.
  • Filling: block of independent springs with a layer of polyurethane foam; each spring in the block is placed in an individual cover.
  • Size of the sleeping place: 145 x 237 cm.
  • Storage boxes size: main module — 151 x 71 x 12.5 cm; chaise — 150 x 68.5 x 11.5 cm.
  • Seat death to the cushions: 58 cm.
  • The cushions of the backrest are an independent part and can be made in any other fabric different from the upholstery of the sofa.
  • Cushion size: 82 x 25 x 48 cm, covers: removable, zippered.
  • Legs 15 cm high can be selected: from solid wood with tinting in the color «black-brown», «brown», «brown-red», «beige» or metal.

Pay attention! The sofa is made with the left or right angle. The photo shows the left angle. When placing an order, be sure to indicate the corner of the sofa you need.

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