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Sofa bed «Devis» Beverly 03

vendor code: PU-13869
Bed width
Bed length
Frame material
Laminated chipboard / Wood
HR foam
With sleeper
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Fabric: Beverly 03, chenille

The design of the sofa «Devis» is simple and plain without any decor. All the elements of the sofa look plump and voluminous, which expresses the main function of the model — the creation of a flawlessly soft place to relax both during the day and at night. The sofa has the mechanism of transformation «Tick-tock»: with it you get a wide and spacious sleeping place for two people. The soft seat cushions are based on ELAX foam, which has a significant safety margin and is designed for 15 years of intensive operation. This material has a high degree of elasticity and easily restores shape: the load is distributed more evenly and the filler provides the necessary, balanced support for the whole body.

The advantages of this model include:

  • storage box with ventilation grilles: allows longer to keep bedding fresh;
  • deep seat: enough space for relaxation in any position;
  • «tick-tock» folding mechanism: the sofa easily transforms into a spacious bed due to a smooth layout system;
  • design «360°»: the sofa looks flawless from all sides and will be an excellent solution for zoning the room space;
  • soft armrests: help to make the rest as pleasant as possible, can be used as pillows under the head;
  • ELAX foam in seats: has a high degree of elasticity and easily restores the shape; the material ensures uniform weight distribution and creates a soft and comfortable «immersion effect».

Additional characteristics:

  • The sleeping size: 168 x 200 cm.
  • The size of the back cushions: 2 pcs complete; synthetic down filler, size: 105 x 26 x 54 cm; pillow covers - removable, zippered.
  • Frame material: solid wood, elements of polished birch plywood, Laminated chipboard, DWA, LDVP, chipboard.
  • The size of the storage box: 186 x 88,5 x 20 cm.
  • Filling: high elastic polyurethane foam and Elax PU high softness.

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