Sofa bed «Fjord Smart 120» Priority 385

vendor code: PU-13627
Bed width
Bed length
Frame material
Laminated chipboard / Wood
HR foam
With sleeper
4,930 AED
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Fabric: Priority 385

Sofa bed «Fjord Smart 120» continues the idea of combining functionality and conciseness set by the classic «Fjord». As you can see, all the original features are still kept: soft armrests, soft back cushions with a fashionable «French seam» and elegant conical supports. Despite the small size, the model retained the possibility of transformation. A pull & steps mechanism is installed inside the sofa, due to its turning into the bed. At the same time, there is still a storage box inside, where you can fold back cushions during sleep. It protects the middle part of the sleeping place from dust. The sofa is based on — elastic rubber straps, thanks to which rest on the couch becomes the most comfortable. Several layers of high-elastic foam HR provide the correct distribution of the load during sleep.

The advantages of this model include:

  • Compact dimensions: the sofa will fit even in a small living room or studio apartment;
  • Highly elastic polyurethane foam: keep the body in optimal position during rest, instantly restores shape and has high wear resistance;
  • Tall wooden legs make cleaning much easier, including with a vacuum cleaner robot;
  • «Pull & steps» transformation mechanism: converts a compact sofa into a full bed. You need to lift seats in turn, and, moving up and forward, unfold the sofa, then lower the backs into a horizontal position;
  • «Design 360°»: the sofa looks flawless from all sides and will be an excellent solution for zoning the room space.

Additional characteristics:

  • Frame material: polished birch plywood, LDSP, LDVP, hardwood and softwood;
  • Padding: elastic furniture belts with high elastic polyurethane foam;
  • The size of the sleeping place: 120 x 200 cm;
  • The size of the back cushions: 65 х 24 х 55 cm, with removable covers;
  • Supports are from solid wood of 11,5 cm height can be performed in tinting in the color of «wenge» or «natural beech» .

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