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8,220 AED 11,743 AED
Sofa bed «Bruno 130» Vendeta 8 No reviews
Discount: 30%
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8,850 AED 12,643 AED
Sofa bed «Bruno 150» Premier 04 No reviews
Discount: 30%
In Stock
8,200 AED 11,714 AED
Sofa bed «Bruno 150» Formula 102 No reviews
Discount: 30%
3,190 AED 4,557 AED
Sofa bed «Nolan» Balance 312 No reviews
Discount: 30%
4,160 AED 5,943 AED
Sofa bed «Kair Lux» Velutto 08 No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,710 AED 3,871 AED
Sofa bed «Lissabon Lux» Meridian 231 No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,090 AED 2,986 AED
Couch «Leon Lux» Balance 130 No reviews
Discount: 30%
3,050 AED 4,357 AED
Couch «Spike» Milano 4 caramel, left No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,870 AED 4,100 AED
Couch «Spike» Velutto 08, right No reviews
Discount: 30%
4,850 AED
Couch «Alta» No reviews

On this page of our online store, you can buy a small sofa set for your living room or bedroom. Accommodation in Dubai tends to be expensive. Not everyone can afford a large house or apartment. Some people are fully focused on their careers and business projects. They live in small studios because they only come to sleep there. A small double sofa will be a spot-on choice for these two types of consumers.

Which Types of Small Couches for Sale in UAE We Offer

In our catalog, you can find the following types of small sofas:

  • Traditional two-seaters of a rectangular shape and of neutral colors. They enjoy a steadily high demand because they're versatile and can nicely fit nearly any environment. Pieces of grey and beige shades are the biggest bestsellers.
  • Couches. Some of them are rectangular while others boast more sophisticated oval shapes. Such a piece can become an opportune design accent in your interior. Normally, a couch can comfortably accommodate only one person. You'll be able to sit or lie on it while watching movies, scrolling social networks or reading books.
  • Chaise lounges. This one bridges the gap between a traditional two-seater and a couch. On the one hand, it looks more eye-catching than a conventional sofa. On the other hand, you and your friend will be able to share it without any sacrifices.
  • Sofas with standalone designs. For instance, they can be curved or have built-in tables. They're firm favorites of creative personalities and the most discerning clients.

The number and location of the armrests is a very important factor. Sofas that lack armrests are ideal for compact rooms. They make the space visually less cluttered. On the flip side, you'd fail to take as many poses on them as on sofas with two armrests. The latter are perfect for frequent and intense use. You and your guest can spend hours sitting on them. Depending on the shape and size of the armrests, you might be able to put your smartphone or a magazine on them. If a piece of furniture has only one armrest, one of the possible ways of using the latter is propping a pillow against it, lying down and stretching your legs.

Reasons to Purchase a Small Sofa-Bed in Dubai with Us

With us, you can buy a cheap small sofa for sale that will look like a premium one. We offer fast and affordable delivery and assembly services to our clients. Our support crew is always eager to answer your questions. All the items from our catalog are made of high-quality materials and will serve you for many years. It will be easy for you to take care of them.

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