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2,680 AED 3,829 AED
Armchair «Cleo» with cushion No reviews
Discount: 30%
5,650 AED 8,071 AED
Chair-bed «Bruno» Milano 01 cream No reviews
Discount: 30%
6,310 AED 9,014 AED
Armchair «Cleveland» No reviews
Discount: 30%
1,429 AED
Armchair «Alma» No reviews
4,490 AED 6,414 AED
Armchair «Linkwood» Triumph 17 No reviews
Discount: 30%
5,880 AED 8,400 AED
Chair-bed «Bruno» Gulati 03 No reviews
Discount: 30%
5,720 AED 8,171 AED
Chair-bed «Fjord Smart 70» Buckle white 5 1 review
Discount: 30%
5,880 AED 8,400 AED
Chair-bed «Bruno» Beverly 27 No reviews
Discount: 30%
6,100 AED 8,714 AED
Chair-bed «Bruno» Marseille Pacific No reviews
Discount: 30%
4,680 AED 6,686 AED
Armchair «Linkwood» Clarins 900 No reviews
Discount: 30%
5,880 AED 8,400 AED
Chair-bed «Bruno» Dream 20 No reviews
Discount: 30%
1,020 AED 1,457 AED
Armless chair «Norman» Jazz 01 No reviews
Discount: 30%
990 AED 1,414 AED
Armless chair «Norman» Balance 130 No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,470 AED 3,529 AED
Armchair «Cleo» No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,740 AED 3,914 AED
Armchair «Fjord» Velutto 08 No reviews
Discount: 30%
6,430 AED 9,186 AED
Chair-bed «Bruno» Clarins 995 No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,920 AED 4,171 AED
Armchair «Fjord» Milano 4 Caramel No reviews
Discount: 30%

On this site you can buy armchairs in Dubai at a reasonable price and of the best quality. They come in a wide range of styles, colours, shapes and materials. They will fit nicely into the ambience of your home or office. Your family members or employees will enjoy every minute they spend in these comfortable chairs. Your guests or clients will be impressed by your refined taste.

How to choose the best items

There are filters on the left of the page. You can use them to sort the chairs according to any necessary parameters - such as size, upholstery, leg type and material, with or without armrests, and so on. The filters are very detailed and flexible. They allow you to find exactly what you want.

Which chairs are most in demand?

Our customers have very different tastes and lifestyles. We try to cater for a very wide audience and follow the main design trends. Here are the features of the chairs that are currently attracting the most attention:

  • Beige colour palette. Different shades of beige can suit interiors of any style. They look elegant and create a calm and balanced atmosphere. If beige is not your cup of tea, consider pearl grey, pale pink and other similarly subtle colours.
  • Wooden legs. Eco-friendliness is one of the biggest trends of our decade. Unpainted wood looks stunning with almost any material, be it stone, glass or metal. Such legs make the chair look less bulky, which is ideal for compact spaces.
  • Gold accents. This can be the base of a swivel chair, for example. Gold adds a touch of luxury to otherwise minimalist furniture. Small splashes of this colour add value without being overbearing.
  • Unusual back height. If the back of a chair is lower than usual, it creates a relaxed and informal atmosphere. If it's higher than usual, it becomes a throne that enhances the status of the person sitting on it. Your guests or customers will never be bored in a room with furniture like this.
  • Materials with colourful patterns. Such an armchair can become a bright accent in the interior. Leaves and geometric shapes are among the most popular and versatile patterns. The colour combinations are more eye-catching - such as white with black and blue.

Our collection is constantly expanding. It includes not only traditional armchairs, but also ottomans, chaise lounges and other items with sophisticated shapes.

Reasons to buy armchairs online from us

You may prefer to buy armchairs online from our internet shop for the following reasons:

  • We offer relatively cheap armchairs in UAE - but we never compromise on their aesthetics and quality. Their construction is well thought out and their materials are highly durable. Thanks to their talented designers, most of them look more premium than the numbers on their price tags.
  • All the pieces we sell are highly ergonomic. They will be a pleasure to use, even if you spend many hours in them.
  • You can find a single armchair for sale with us - or order a whole set of modern living room furniture. Our extensive catalogue contains hundreds of tables, sofas, chairs, consoles, rugs, mirrors and many other decorative items.
  • Our shipping is fast. If any of the items you buy require assembly, we'll do it for you.
  • Feel free to choose one or more chairs and place an order now! If you have any questions, our professional support team will be happy to advise you.

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