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Furnishing your home is not an easy task. Choosing the right pieces of furniture, you want them to be not only high quality, comfortable, durable, but also stylishly complement the interior. Today there are many manufacturers and suppliers of furniture. One of the innovative and very presentable solutions is the curved sofa.

What is Curved Sofa?

Curved Sofa is an ideal solution for home or office in the form of a curved, wave-shaped sofa of small size. Unlike the all-too-familiar, linear sofas, curved sofas save space and fit perfectly in an office space, living room, or kitchen. They can come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures.

The first curved sofas appeared in the mid-20th century and were created by designer Vladimir Kagan. They immediately became an incredibly popular piece of furniture among New York's elite. In the mid-60s, a modified version of the Curved Sofa was introduced in the form of a metal frame upholstered in leather. These were very durable pieces that were easy to clean. They were popular not only with high society, but also with ordinary people.

Curved sofa enjoys great popularity even today due to a number of advantages. Manufacturers of this furniture use different materials for manufacturing, which allows you to buy it for almost any interior.

Advantages of Curved Sofa

  • Versatility. You can use sofas of this plan everywhere, without exception - from the kitchen to the office. Where space is limited, you can visually expand it with the help of Curved Sofa. In large rooms you can divide the space into zones with the help of such a piece of furniture.
  • Comfort and convenience. The shape of the furniture allows you to accommodate more people than on models of linear shape. On it you can not only drink tea, watch TV, read books in the living room, but also lie down to rest for a while.
  • Variety of models. Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of models of different shapes and sizes. If necessary, you can find a suitable option for almost any room. There is also a wide range of materials used for the upholstery - from leather to velour, etc. Among the possible options can be found not only one-piece designs, but also sectional, which can be installed as convenient for the buyer.
  • Stylish and representative appearance. Regardless of the model, such furniture decorates the interior, highlighting the desired areas and attracting attention. There are models with beautiful cushions in different colors, with rounded, soft corners that provide additional comfort.
  • Small dimensions, mobility. Compact, small sofas are easy to move to the opposite corner or even to another room.

How to choose the right curved sofa

There are a number of criteria to consider when choosing the right model. These include the style of the interior, the area of the room and its purpose. For example, in the living room you can buy a sofa covered with corduroy, but for the kitchen or office it is better to choose a version upholstered with leather or eco-leather. These materials are easy to clean and do not require any special care. When choosing, it is also worth considering the color scheme and features of the model. Last but not least, the manufacturer, the cost and the materials used in the production are important factors in choosing a suitable option. A high-quality, durable frame will increase the life of the furniture.

Choice of material and color

Curved sofa should be chosen so that the furniture is in harmony with the overall style of the interior and was in the appropriate color scheme. There can be several variants of upholstery.

  • Leather. The advantages of this material can be called presentable appearance, long life, as well as undemanding in care. Curved sofa of milky, brown, white colors will look great in a classic interior.
  • Eco-leather. The second most popular after leather. At a much lower price than models with leather upholstery. The material is pleasant to the touch, soft, comfortable. Great for the office or study. For such places it is worth considering the option of buying black, coffee, gray colors.
  • Velour. A soft fabric that will give you comfort. It is characterized by durability and strength, does not lose color under the influence of sunlight. At the same time requires special care. Very effective looks in deep, saturated colors - green, blue, bardo.
  • Horn. Dense fabric characterized by a pronounced texture. One of the most durable and long-lasting options.
  • Jacquard. This option is perfect for lovers of exoticism, as it has a pronounced floral ornament. Along with the spectacular and vibrant appearance has a fairly high cost.
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