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2,660 AED 3,800 AED
Bed «Selesta» Salsa 003 No reviews
Discount: 30%
In Stock
7,580 AED 10,829 AED
Bed «Madeira» No reviews
Discount: 30%
7,080 AED 10,114 AED
Bed «Valencia» 5 1 review
Discount: 30%
10,040 AED 14,343 AED
Bed «Maranello» No reviews
Discount: 30%
7,580 AED 10,829 AED
Bed «Verona» 5 1 review
Discount: 30%
7,450 AED
Bed «Marlen» No reviews
7,890 AED 11,271 AED
Bed «Antica» No reviews
Discount: 30%
5,120 AED 7,314 AED
Bed «Palermo» No reviews
Discount: 30%
8,140 AED
Bed «Amely» 5 1 review
3,650 AED 5,214 AED
Bed «Ester» on metal legs No reviews
Discount: 30%
7,600 AED 10,857 AED
Bed «Marlen» Calvados 781 No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,890 AED 4,129 AED
Bed «Daisy New» Milano 4 Caramel No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,890 AED 4,129 AED
Bed «Daisy New» Jazz 01 No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,890 AED 4,129 AED
Bed «Daisy New» Lounge 6 No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,890 AED 4,129 AED
Bed «Daisy New» Lounge 12 No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,950 AED 4,214 AED
Bed «Daisy New» Anabelle 14 No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,950 AED 4,214 AED
Bed «Daisy New» Anabelle 17 No reviews
Discount: 30%
7,000 AED
Bed «Lewis» No reviews
2,780 AED 3,971 AED
Bed «Daisy New» Velutto 08 No reviews
Discount: 30%
9,000 AED
Bed «Robinson» No reviews
2,890 AED 4,129 AED
Bed «Daisy New» Milano 1 Cream No reviews
Discount: 30%
2,780 AED 3,971 AED
Bed «Daisy New» Balance 130 No reviews
Discount: 30%

On this page you can choose and buy double bed in Dubai. This piece of furniture will largely determine the quality of your life. Thanks to it, you'll be able to rest properly at night and prepare for an eventful day. The bedroom and bathroom are the two most intimate parts of your home, so it doesn't make sense to compromise on your comfort.

A double bed for sale in Dubai can come in handy for a married couple. Or you can buy it for yourself to enjoy more space when you sleep alone. You will find it comfortable to stay in such a bed while watching TV, reading books or having breakfast.

How to choose premium or cheap beds for sale

Our online furniture store offers double beds with the following features

  • Foldable
  • With storage boxes
  • With slats
  • With lifting mechanism
  • With headboard
  • With high back

We also sell the simplest models, which do not have any of the above features. Handy filters allow you to choose a piece of the right size, with the desired frame and other optimal parameters. If you have enough space in your house or apartment, you can also consider other types of beds - such as king size or super king size.

The most popular bed colours are beige, black, blue, brown, green, grey, light blue, milk, pink, white and yellow. The most common frame materials are particle board, MDF, plywood, solid wood and wood. Foam, high density foam or HR foam is used for upholstery.

Additional items to complement your bed

You can also order a comfortable mattress for your bed on our website. Bed linen of the highest quality is available in a wide range of colours. The selection of pillows and cushions will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

To make your bedroom more comfortable, hang elegant lighting on the walls and ceiling. Buy spacious and beautiful storage for your clothes, shoes and accessories. Put one or more rugs on the floor - it will be a pleasure to walk barefoot on them. Place one or two bedside tables near the bed - you'll be able to leave your smartphone, glasses or alarm clock there.

The collection in our online shop is huge and varied. We regularly add new items. We cater for customers of all tastes and budgets.

Buy more furniture for your accommodation

After buying a double bed online, you may want to buy more pieces for the other rooms in your home - such as your living room, home office or bathroom. Feel free to browse the catalogue, mark the best pieces as your favourites and order them!

Hopefully, now you won't have to ask yourself "Where to buy beds in Dubai? Our shop can become your one stop shop for all your home furnishing needs. With us, you can be sure that the price of a double bed in the UAE, as well as the prices of all other items, will be affordable. If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to answer them.

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